TRS 2022 - ECML Dundee Edinburgh - Packaged Session Dundee to Edinburgh


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I am having a few problems with this packaged session.
The first is a red exclamation mark over various items of rolling stock in the session. One being the carriages BR Mk1 BG/FK/BSK Blue which make up the main train in the session.
Secondly when the engine connects to the carriages at the start of the session it drives straight through the first 3 carriages before coming to a stop and does not connect to anything. As the engine moves out along it's route there is a train coming into Dundee station containing the above carriage types.
These problems do not occur in Trs2019.
Is anyone else experiencing these problems, is there a way of getting the session to work.

Since this content is built-in or DLC, right-click on the faulty content and choose revert to original.
If that doesn't do it, try view errors and warnings to reset the flag.

If all else fails, run a database repair. Close Trainz completely to the desktop. At the Launcher click on the Developer menu and choose Repair database.

The process will take a few minutes.
I found almost all the free packages contain errors, probably because they contain old assets. I can get the Dundee train to cross the bridge sometimes, but it all crashes a bit farther on. Actually, I may have deleted that route again.