TRS19 CN GP9s with P3 horns


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Morning all, :)

I'm a content creator currently in Canadian stuff at the moment. As most of you may be aware, TRS19 comes with a good helping of Jointed Rail locomotive packs built in. Among them are several GP9s from CN, GTW and CV, all Canadian based railroads.

The GP9s from GTW have accurate M3 hornsounds while the CN and CV versions have P3 sounds. This seems like an unusual horn choice because the standard horns for early CN locomotives were the M3H and later the K3L. The CN geeps have K3L horn meshes while the CV ones have M3 meshes like the GTW versions. I'm trying to make sense of JR's choice to use P3 hornsounds on the CN and CV GP9s. What could've been reasons for it?

I can't necessarily manually change the horns on the GP9s as they're payware DRM locked. Furthermore I want to address for anyone who bought the GP9s from JR directly, do the CN and CV geeps also have the P3, and do the GTW versions have the M3?

Been researching and reskinning some Canadian diesels so that is why this is interesting to me. Thanks for the help guys.