TRS19/22 - Central Portal Control - some findings


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Central Portal Control is a rule that allows the configuration of all the portals on a route from one screen. An additional feature is that it allows an AI train to be emitted from a portal immediately at the start of the session, at time zero. This is not possible when configuring a portal in the usual way.

Yesterday I downloaded and installed my "IntenCity" layout and its four sessions into TRS22. The layout has four portals -- Anticlockwise emit and consume, and Clockwise emit and consume -- all configured with Central Portal Control. The AI trainz circulate in both an anticlockwise and a clockwise direction around the layout and the challenge in the sessions is to work the player train between yards, moving freight cars between numerous industrial terminals.

The sessions worked perfectly in the original TRS19 release. But in both TRS22 and TRS19 with Service Patches one of the portals would emit a continuous steam of consists, as programmed to do, but the other portal would only emit a solitary locomotive which then remained frozen at the portal exit.

It's taken many frustrating hours of experimentation to diagnose the problem:
When both portals are configured to emit an AI consist at the start of the session, the first listed AI train in Central Portal Control freezes.
When only one portal is configured to emit an AI consist at the start of the session everything works as it should.

Cancelling the "emit immediately" for one of the portals makes the system work as it should even when both portals are configured to emit trainz at the same frequency. In IntenCity this is nine minutes for both portals. At the nine minute mark AI tranz are emitted from both portals simultaneously. Why this cannot also happen at time zero is one of The Great Mysteries of the Universe.

This discovery might be useful for those of us using Central Portal Control.

I have uploaded updated versions of the four IntenCity sessions. As far as I can tell they all now work in TRS19 with the Service Patches and the various versions of TRS22.



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And as I have posted many times when new beta's come out I have to "Reset" the portals when a saved session is started or they don't emit, both timed and/or triggered. I speak largely here about Port Zyd.
Hi mac --

Unbeknown by me I have been following in the path of another? And wasted hours of my life. In defence, I did do a Forum search, to no avail.

Pray, how does one "reset" a portal?

To do a "reset." - Go into the session rules, Right click on the CPC icon and select "reset." One could maybe "restart all rules" but I reason that the CPC reset does less harm to a saved session.

btw.. if you go to "edit session" then Driver (rather than straight to driver) no reset is needed. (as I remember) - See my initial post linked below. Don't know if it's relavent at all in this case....

Sounds like different issues to me...

Here's a post my posts in TRS19 Beta forum (2021):