Portal emits malformed train.


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Simple set up

Portals A B C and D.

Train into A reappears at B then drives to C and reappears at D, then drives to A again.

Train consumed by A is emitted identically from B.

Train consumed by C is emitted as a horrific abomination with no driver from D.

The train is a GG1 and 6 P70 coaches.

The abomination comes out as the GG1 pushing one P70, with another "phantom" P70 flashing in and out of existence OVER the GG1. With no driver, it zombie drives under I assume portal control forever.

I have tried removing replacing the portals (portal short basic) and different trains. No joy.

A FEW times manually driving in gave me the correct train back, but not always. AI driving always becomes a mutant.

ANY ideas???
In the event anyone finds this, I found mention that another user had eliminated unspecifed "headaches" by changing all their portals to regular ones and not using the short one.

I tried that with this misbehaving pair and it corrected the issue.

It is a total mystery one pair of these were trouble makers, while the other pairs of basic_portal_short(s) work fine, but there you have it.
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frogpipe, I have seen other threads where people were having issues with long trains portaling into short tracks (not short PORTALS) locking up the portal, and hence the whole route, when the incoming train hit another train-controlling object (like a signal or junction) before the portal had finished emitting the train, and I have occasionally had a few issues myself, but I have never heard of a portal of any length with any length of track attached emitting such a garbled monstrosity as you describe. I have tried to write portal code myself, and while it definitely had issues, it would never scramble a consist-- it simply couldn`t. I have to wonder what the author of the portal you were using did differently from my admittedly unfinished attempt.
Short Portals may be the issue. I had problems with the short portals. Switched to a large portal and all issues disappeared...
For me the issue of portals has got worse in build 123794. I am using long and built in portals and tried adding wait commands which seemed to help in the previous version.