“Portal” Consumption Causing Screen Freeze/Crash


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I am having a portal related screen crash. This is my first post, I've used the iPad version for a year before getting 22PE last month (May 2024), so I'm a desktop newbie.

In my case (Mac build 123797), the games freezes except for steady sound when a portal emitted train. after a mile or more travel, goes into another portal named "death Portal" intended to consume the train. The portal begins consuming, but freezes the screen when the "consist" is is about 1/2 way consumed, seemingly the loco and 1 or 2 wagons (any type).

I've replaced the death portal, renamed it the same and get the same result. I can't delete the built-in "portal" in content manager. I tested with two trains. I tested my other death portal for passenger trains, same crash situation.

I control+rebuild database. I keep saving, and "Save as" to keep past work, but I admit I am not properly backing up.

I've opened an older version of the route, same issue.

I made a new route with just a birth and death portal, making 1 train a minute, with a simple track connection, it also crashed at wagon 2.

Hello & thanks for your help.

EDIT: This is the Portal called "Portal", not basic, or basic short, or.a downloaded portal. I've tried other portal types in my simple test route, and that also causes a freeze. And I'm not using any special rules or centralized portal commands. I ran trains around the route, but never to a portal, and that ran 2 days without a freeze.
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