TRS 2022 - Signal Caronas too large

I am placing signals from the DLS on my route in TRS22 and have a problem with signal lights/caronas. When I place a signal on my route, the signal lights appear as large globes, showing thru the signal housing. When I zoom the camera out from the signal, the signal lights become even larger.

Is there a graphics setting in TRS22 that I need to change to get the signal lights to show at normal size?

Does anyone know why this is happening and how to fix it?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
The only way to fix it is to edit the lamp corona images to be at least 25% smaller using Paint.NET or similar graphics software.
The problem is due to the environmental lighting in TRS19/TRS22 and this is the only way that I've found to correct it.
Is it a separate KUID? Maybe you can replace it in Config.txt with a different one. Or if it is a graphics file replace it with an image from a corona that works.