Trouble with Russian Junctions & Turnouts


Well now, after a long period of deciding that even though the Russians have some really nice stuff, I could not get them to work properly
while I was on T2004 & T2006. I was worried about crashing and viruses. Since they have been constantly sending their projects to the DLS,
I have scarfed a lot of them and love it all. I thought I would try a few of Olegkhim's (354694) turnouts to help make the busy areas
more streamlined and smoothe. I have several of the "s_junctions" and cannot just hook-up the rail to make the connections. Locos
just run-off and die. How do they fit together and work? I usually see two vertex on each end and have not totally learned what to do.

Just a little help with some explanation on how they go together with the matching concrete-based rail.
Thank-you so much.

The Colonel :cool:
Thank-you sooo much for those insights. After I looked at the "Charlie's Version" of Mike10's connections, I realized that there was even a simpler way to approach the conduit that keeps
the junctions working smoothly. Here is just a rough preface to what could be a better way than Charlie's ::: (Thank-you Charlie for the inspiration)
Before I start, let's just say that the invisible tracks take the place of the real ones just to keep the train "looking like" it's still on the rails. AND, when you use another invisible track
connected to the first one, place a switch there and you have a working railroad. Imagine that!!!

1- Place the turnouts just a little ways apart so there is enough room to work.
2- Use the invisible track you prefer and connect all the yellow(?) rails on the turnouts.
3- Once you get them all connected, connect another invisible rail to each of the "Green Stars" that go off to the left or right.
(Make sure the connection is directly underneath the star. Follow that to the end of the turnout that connects the real track for the route.)
4- Place a switch at the exact spot of the star making sure it's on the side you prefer.
5- Once you've made those connections, you will notice the switch stands now give you a red & green direction to choose.
(that's because you placed the switch on top of that invisible connection which is underneath the green star.) Give yourself a pat on the back.
6- Now move the turnouts closer together and give them a 'connected look' and make sure the invisible tracks are still lined up.
7- You now have a working switch and perhaps a better looking route.

That's it. Once you completely understand that invisible tracks work just like the visible ones, you have the issue licked!!
You can make your entire route using invisible tracks and when you run it out, it does look quite interesting while the engines are running on plain dirt.

Any Q&A, I'm glad to respond.