Olegkhim"s UZ_Jun Junctions

Hi Paul,

Thank you for your investigation :) .
For the record, I'm using the plain/simple/international version of TS2019 platinium SP3 (didn't want to update to SP4 or SP5, as problems with them were told by some users on the forum) ...
I've never used localised/non-Auran versions of Trainz, since TrainZ 1.1.1 .

Yes, I guessed that the line in error in the script was something used for some compatibility concern .
The funny thing is that, if I delete all Bugor and Olegkhim erroneous assets, I have only one map with 8 missing assets (Crimea by CiceronMT) . If I download all the repared assets, I have 6 maps with 202 errored assets (5 DLC by Olegkhim and Crimea) !!

I can live with it : I'm too busy with creating a map for the moment !


I have used several of UZ_Jun series of junctions (turnouts - points etc) as a guide for building yards.
I successfully built a yard last week.
Today I wanted to start another yard but found all of UZ_Jun objects I had downloaded now show "faulty".
I reinstalled with 15 errors and 5 warnings showing. Also did a data repair.
They are all the 4.5 version (2017)
<kuid2:354694:20002:3> UZ_Jun_bz_4/ulica_R (and the L version) are the ones I mainly use.
I'm in Trainz+ 22.

Can anyone help with what may have happened?
Appreciate any help.
Hi nicke... I know this is and older post but I started using the UZ_jun turnouts but I don't know how to add the points to the switches. Can you help?