Trees, Grass, Buildings, Track ... etc ... How You Gonna' Find That ?

I was wondering if a project like this would be possible:

Someone create a route with all the trees he has on his PC ... and he pass's that route onto the next person, who puts all heir trees on the route, and pass's the route on to the next person ...then we get Deadpoolmx55 and Cascaderailroad to put their trees on that same passed down route ... and the end product would be a route with just ALL the trees on the DLS on one route, making a complete collection of Trainz trees.

Of course the route would have to have trees placed and spaced on every other 20m grid line, so we could surf down the untextured blank gray baseboard and view these trees way down low in -freeintcam ... like a walk through the Arboretum !

If you had 20,000 different genus of trees on a route, would it freeze up, or crash to desktop ?
this is as close as i want to get to doing anything with cascade
Likely have a forest full of missing dependencies unless everyone already has the same set of trees and then you wouldn't need to pass the route around.
But those missing assets kuids would make people want to go out and find the missing assets, so they could complete their collection.

If everyone already had all the trees ... then there would be no need to go out and find them ... and nobody has them all.

You don't have to get "snippy" about it ... seems you always have something sarcastic and snippy to say about everything ... why is that ??? I guess just a "snippy" person, lash's back with constant rude insulting comments.
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I was wondering if a project like this would be possible:....

The T:ANE alpha/beta testers had a task that required dozens of trees, if not hundreds, on a single route. After doing a few times for different builds it got kind of boring especially when the copy and paste was broken at the same time.

There was another test route, provided by N3V, that was full of trees, dozens and dozens of traincars and other PC intensive assets, that we had to fly around like Superman while recording FPS rates. That was more fun.

The arboretum idea is interesting, but finding volunteers to make and add to them might be hard. The Avery-Drexel route, being full of trees, is a bit (sap)ping for PCs. :hehe:
A fellow member contacted me ... Please see if you can help him recall what route he is looking for:

"Being an old trainzer I still use trs2004 and 6.
There is a route I once had, but have lost through a reinstall.
It was for trs2004 'very small' and was a module only (not a route) depicting a 'shelf model railroad diorama' of a backwoods logging engine house and steam yard, just a switching layout. Probably one baseboard. But, as I recall, the structures were good and the tress were dmdrakes.
The tough part, I don't know who made it, name, where I got it or the kuid number. But, I would like to find it again?
Doesn't make it easy, right, but if you have it or remember it, I'd appreciate your help".
Cascade - that would be the following:

"WPRRR Mountain Logging"
Author jeffgale

There a series of these - 6 or 8 with diorama themes
What would happen if you built a huge arboretum route, containing thousands of your favorite twees, and 10's of thousands of your favorite shrubberies ?

If you plant too many different genus of trees and shrubbery ... are thousands of different genus of trees and shrubs too much for Trainz to handle ? What would happen if you planted a huge arboretum with every tree, every shrub ever created for Trainz ... like 10,000 genus ... Would Trainz crash to desktop, being unable to draw 10,000 different twees and schwubs ?

In short ... how many assets are too many for a route

Please list your favorite creators who made flora: trees, shrubbery, grass ... etc ...

M favorites are:

JVC Jankvis
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As always, it depends, ... depends on your hardware's capability, how up to date your software is and most importantly how important FPS values are for you. and this hasn't changed since Trainz was first used. In this Trainz is not unique. Overload any computer and it will grind to a halt. As I type this, I'm watching Excel calculating a match and index between two 50+MB files and the progress is incrementing 1% at a time, every few five or so seconds.