Trees, Grass, Buildings, Track ... etc ... How You Gonna' Find That ?

I don't even know what this thread is anymore, now were on to talking about language and posting pics from Trainz 2006? I don't get why you think everyone needs to speak English on here? Its pretty simple to see where a content creator is from and search an item with their language to help find items. Most of the things on CMP are in English anyways and creators usually provide a pic of the content now and a pictures worth a thousand words. Also I can usually tell who made an item by looking at it, most content creators have a give their content a certain look and its smart to remember who makes content you like so you can check from time to time to see if they made anything new.
What started my "Rant" was:

I see all these fabulous screenshots, and can not fathom where to find these trees and grass, nor what they are called, nor what are the kuids:





Someone please let us know what these little known secret assets are, and where they can be downloaded at
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What started my "Rant" was:

I see all these fabulous screenshots, and can not fathom where to find these trees and grass, nor what they are called, nor what are the kuids:


So instead of asking where others have gotten them or what assets they are, you rant about your own inability to effectively search the DLS? Nobody here is perfect, least of all me, but perhaps next time, instead of a 2 page diatribe about how the white pages frustrate you, perhaps try asking Mr Deadpool or Mr Mezzoprezzo what assets they use (Which I think in all due course they shared anyway). That would have saved us all the time of taking 3 pages to get you to declare what exactly you were looking for, though with alot less amusement admittedly.... Oh, and try not to shamelessly plug for your own routes while you're asking, kind of seems a bit cack-handed when you do.

After that, yea, I think this thread was done 2 pages ago....

and then again...if every trainzer had the best in the west given to them, would there be inspiration to do better or would we simply wait or expect the top guys to supply the goodies ?
Thank You ! ... Anyone else have any suggestions for authors of these high detail, autumn / winter trees, that are depicted in these screenshots, by Deadpoolmx55, Mezzoprezzo, Ekankal, Conrail45 ... etc ... ?
Another handy hint with the search in CM is when you download a route that has missing or broken dependencies. To save a lot of time getting back to the main list of dependencies, choose the route name in the search panel, then once it is listed in the main panel, click save and name it with the route name. You will now have a tab with the route name and one click will get you back to the main page to continue the search for the next problem asset.
Thanks ... BBF11, Now there's an author I never heard of before ! :udrool:
So JVC, Tundra, and trainz666 ... any more suggestions for good detailed Autumn /Winter trees and grass ?
ஜீ Here you go

To save on translations here are some trees with decent thumbnails. You might not understand the words, but a picture paints a thousand of them.

Watch and learn you less particular creators and DLS uploaders. Here's a site which generally does it properly.

By the way, if you're doing a general web wide search for a certain foliage creator the correct name is trunda (who produced the Greenery series). You wont find much if you search Tundra, other than a cold wasteland.
Guys, you need to remember that most old billboard stuff will not work very well in TS12, problems with alphas and lighting, reverse side of planes are badly effected by this, that's why some of us produced trees using different exporter values.

I have literally over 12 months ago now tested virtually every available Tree that was available on the DS regarding appearance in TS12 when actually running the sim, not setting up for Screenshot of the month, which resulted in me making my own..........

Cascade you might want to look at my efforts under CL Tree and CL Bush which are made using 4 twisted planes, give them a fuller and closer to 3d look and will unless you are right on top of them, stand scrutiny from any direction. Easily done, lighting issues solved by splitting ambient from diffuse and adjusting separately to nullify the lighting, one or two others are doing similar.

I did this as I needed Trees and bushes on the DLS for my route (Promised it would all be on the DLS) that were not nervously twitching, gigantically oversized or looked like green blobs, had variations in colour without peculiar lighting effects or a visible haze round the tree or are transparent and actually work.

I'm no tree expert, I have no idea what trees my efforts represent however if I can do it I'm sure there are those who could do much better ;o)
Good point ... If I were to put thousands of billboard trees on my route, and a TS12 user downloaded it, it would be a huge headache for them to delete all of them.
I been real busy downloading trees and schwubbery ... I still have 3000 JVC (Jankvis) assets to download ... Whew !

JVC Jankvis


Are there any other good detail Autunm / Winter trees, anywhere ?

So how many of these trees will not run in TS12, or T:ANE ?

I never really minded the higher detailed billboard trees, as I am always down low, like a railfan pedestrian.

What happens if you put all the trees on one route ... will it crash ... is there a limit to the number of trees used ?

How easy is it for an end user to delete all the trees that do not work for him, if he downloads my route ? Is there a delete missing assets tool in 10, 12 ?
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Trundas original ones won't, there are some fixed ones on the DLS done by erm name escapes me at present however they are under 1G: Tree, most work with a couple of exceptions, don't look as good in TS12 as they did in TC3 though.
JVC anything older than 2.9 mostly no, it's case of try them all out, same with grass, splines and individual assets, some work quite well.

Mine work by the way in TS12 including SP1HF4 Trees and bushes.
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Not many people will agree with me, but I think searching for nice content is half the fun of making a route. You know, when you keep staring at that one little corner of your route, sitting there empty, and after a lot of looking around you stumble upon the perfect asset for that spot. It feels good. Not knowing what you`re looking for might actually be an advantage.

Not trying to make anyone`s point invalid. Just my opinion.
I was wondering if a project like this would be possible:

Someone create a route with all the trees he has on his PC ... and he pass's that route onto the next person, who puts all heir trees on the route, and pass's the route on to the next person ...then we get Deadpoolmx55 and Cascaderailroad to put their trees on that same passed down route ... and the end product would be a route with just ALL the trees on the DLS on one route, making a complete collection of Trainz trees.

Of course the route would have to have trees placed and spaced on every other 20m grid line, so we could surf down the untextured blank gray baseboard and view these trees way down low in -freeintcam ... like a walk through the Arboretum !

If you had 20,000 different genus of trees on a route, would it freeze up, or crash to desktop ?