DMT TRC Crossing Self Build Traffic not restarting

Any help appreciated.
I am trying to build a UK four tack Crossing.
Am starting with a one track to see if I can get it to work.
Assets using
TRC 4 trigger Set 1&1 and set 100 front and rear
DMT UK self build restricted zone Set to 1&2
DMT UK Self Build Barrier Set to 1&3
The Traffic stops OK
The barrier closes OK
Train passes
Barrier opens OK
But the traffic does no restart
Have it on a loop going round
Hope this makes sense
Thanks for any help

ps Have got it to work using TRC 3 Triggers CLOSE AND OPEN but cannot get the barrier to Open or Close
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I have the same problem. Using TRC 4 triggers.

When running in a session, the 1st time your trains use a crossing, you'll see the behaviors you cited, but after 10 minutes or so, the traffic will start running again, regardless of the barrier states. I've been working on a session this past 2 weeks and that's the behavior I see when testing the session.

You can read @JCitron's post here, no. 2, for more info >>>

The barriers are likely running an old script. like many of the German signals, crossings etc. Those assets are also broken (script-wise) and it might be some time before we see any updates, since the original authors have to re-build their assets with new up-to-date scripting.

Thanks for your help will go back to ATLS for now
Look for my Invisible Gate. Add it and see if traffic behaves. The gate MUST send a GO command for the cars to start up again. I made the asset for times when I just wanted crossbucks.
Thanks it works restarting traffic.
Made a new route using it.
First pass all good.
Warning sounds Lights flash traffic stops barrier closes.
Train passes barrier opens traffic starts.
Second pass Barrier does not fall
Just lights and sound traffic stops and starts ok
Barrier stays open.
When I exit route and reload route first and subsequent passes the barriers don't work but the sounds and lights do
Thanks for any more help
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Hi all
have got self build TRC crossing working great only problem is all self build UK Barriers are working OK
The barrier sound and closes
But when viewed from different angles appear to still be open move view and they snap shut move view and snap open
DMT UK Self Build Skirted Barrier base
thanks for any help