Transfer TS12 or download digital??


Hi all! I'm looking for some input on the "best" approach to installing TS12 on my new laptop. I initially bought TS12 as a digital version, and was going to download the basic install file from Planet Auran, then copy my current TS12 folder (backed-up on an external hard drive) over it, to essentially update it and make it match my current computer. However, I was thinking, I could probably just copy and paste my entire folder of TS12 from my external HD to the laptop's hard drive and that would work too. Do I need to worry about not having a start menu icon then? I wouldn't think so - I can create a desktop icon to launch the game from. It seems that I would end up with the same product, but I don't know if I need that factory fresh install process, at least for the initial build, or not. Thoughts? Thanks for the help!
Copy and paste works, set up your short cut and you are in business, only other things that may need setting up is file associations, I never bother as I have mutiple versions but it is easy enough to do and check the screen resolution is correct for the new laptop.
Thanks for the response Malc! I'll go that route - copying from my external HD should be easy! When it comes to file association though, what types of files would I need to associate? Just .cdp's I'm guessing? Or are there others? Which program should I associate the cdp files with? ContentManager? CCP? Something else? I know that when I double click on a cdp right now, it opens CM for me automatically and the file installs... Thanks!
Well, considering my laptop got a virus on it on day 1, while trying to download anti-virus software, my new $2300 laptop is worthless. It'll be going back to where it came from on Monday. Thinking I might opt for a Mac now. Too bad I'll have to buy TANE, again, for a different platform now...
Out of curiosity, after setting contentmanager.exe as the default program, all cdp files now show up with the TS12 icon, the front of a steam loco. I use to have an orange box that said CDP on it. While it still works, and is no big deal, is there a way to get the orange boxes back? Will running Shane's protocol changer fix that? It'd just be nice to have an icon I recognize...