trainz Content manager help


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I have just did a fresh clean install of trainz on a brand new seagate solid state hybrid hard drive and updated the build to 61388. When I went to put my save downloaded content in to the game the content all shows up as modified even tho i never opened it for editing am i doing something wrong?
The method I normally use is to copy the userdata folder into the new installation and replace what is already there, then doing a database repair to add it into the database.

There is a known issue that importing CDP files will cause the content to be locally modified due to the commit process. Unfortunately there's not much that can be done about that. In terms of the method I described it's a case of dragging and dropping between folders.

So your saying that there is no way to fix that.
So the way you import content is to put the cdp's directly into the user data folder?
If it's CDPs you will only be able to use the Import CDP method. You will need the UserData folder from the previous installation in order to use the method I described.

It's likely that they've downloaded their assets from the Download Station through Content Manager which does not cause the assets to become modified unlike importing from a CDP file.