Trainz Common Technical Problems - FAQ (06/11/2012)


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Hi Trainzers,

This thread will cover many of the technical-related problems that I usually end up answering. Bear in mind that this is not exhaustive, and I will be adding more as time goes on.


Problem: The setup file is asking for Disc 1 (or similar).
Solution: This usually crops up with digital downloads. Make sure you have downloaded all the files associated with your product, and that they are all saved into the same folder.

Problem: CRC error during installing
Solution: If you are using a disc version, check if the disc is damaged or dirty. For a digital download, re-download the files.


Problem: The patch aborts without warning
Solution: When this happens, there is normally a message just above it describing the problem - common patching errors can be found at

Problem: Blue Screen of Death whilst attempting to install a patch.
Solution: This normally happens to Windows XP Service Pack 2 users - install Service Pack 3 to fix this.

General Operation

Problem: I get an error whilst loading Trainz or Content Manager.
Solution 1: If the error refers to 'unable to communicate', then it means that you either haven't got DirectX 9 installed, or that the settings in the Options box are not suitable for your system.
Solution 2: If the error is a Windows-related error (i.e. program has stopped working) this is usually caused by a graphics card that does not support OpenGL - Intel graphics cards are particularly known for that.
Solution 3: If the error is 'unable to connect to the Trainz Asset Database', then check the <trainz install folder>/Bin/Jetlog.txt file, as this will mention what the problem is.

Problem: I'm unable to use session xxx or route xxx.
Solution: Issues relating to specific routes or sessions are best answered by the creator of the route/session.

Problem: I am unable to save a route/session.
Solution: After verifying that your game is running as administrator, make sure you have registered your serial number with N3V.

Specialised/Privilege-related Issues

Problem: I've got assets that are multicoloured or fully black.
Solution: You have a texture compression issue - see my fix at

Problem: I am using Windows Vista,7, or 8, and my settings keep being reset / I keep losing any changes to routes, sessions, or other assets.
Solution: Run Trainz as administrator - see my guide at

Any constructive comments are appreciated, and yes I will be making periodic updates to this list as and when I sort out answers for other issues.

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