Trainz 22 vs Trainz 19. Any Difference?


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So Ive been contemplating upgrading from Trainz 2019 to Trainz 2022 however I've been holding off on it since Im not too sure if the differences are substantial enough for me to make the switch. In my opinion, I dont think a new Trainz game was that necesarry as, from what Ive seen, it doesn't look that much different from Trainz 2019 graphics wise, compared to Trainz 2019 and Trainz A New Era. Some of the content, like Schwaninger Land and the upgraded Intercity 125 cabs look cool but I feel look those could've easily been dlc for Trainz 2019. The only selling point is the new Surveyor mode which allows you to drive trains in that mode, rather than having to go into quick drive straight from surveyor mode and possibly loose any progress after going back into surveyor mode (weird glitch I've noticed btw). But from what I've heard, it doesnt seem this feature is in the game currently. All and all, I feel like what they should've done was rebrand Trainz 2019 into Trainz 2022, ala Dovetail games with Train Sim Classic. But I havent actually played Trainz 2022 so there is a huge chance that all of these opinions would be proven wrong or not factual if I played the game. Its currently on Steam for 70 bucks and I dont have that amount of money at the moment so Im curious, if anyone has played Trainz 2022, how different it is from Trainz 2019 and if the features from that game are enough to make the switch.
Moving from TRS19 (standard edition) to TRS22 would, in my opinion, be a bigger "leap forward" than from TRS19 Platinum Edition to TRS22 from just looking at the program itself and not the extra content:-

  1. TRS22 includes the UDS interface which Trainz Plus and TRS19 PE also have, but TRS19 (standard) does not have.
  2. TRS22 has Multiplayer Surveyor which Trainz Plus also has but TRS19 (all versions) do not have.
  3. TRS22 has new effect layer tools, paint under spline tools and new camera options which Trainz Plus also has but TRS19 (all versions) do not have

For me, point 1 above is the "TRS19 (standard version) killer" and I use that ability a great deal. It has saved me hours of development time. I have started to use the point 3 options and I am finding them very useful. I am not into Multiplayer Driver or Multiplayer Surveyor so point 2 does not interest me.

As for the DLC free offerings, the ones in the list that I have installed are good to very good - Liskeard to Looe is very, very good but I am biased as I created one of the sessions supplied in that package.

In the end only you can decide if upgrading to TRS22 from TRS19 (standard) is worth the cost. I went the "whole hog" and upgraded from TRS19 Platinum Edition to Trainz Plus Gold Membership (which means my Trains Plus becomes TRS22 with all the Plus extras and content) and I have not regretted it - but that is my experience based on my personal circumstances and needs.