Trainz 22 Platinum with surveyor 2.0 question please. I'm thinking about upgrading to it.

Hi all.

I've seen the special they are running. Does this mean if I buy it I own it like previous editions of trainz or is it still a yearly subscription for this? That has been really the main reason I never upgraded to 22, I disagree with the subscription basis.
Thank you for your replies.

If you buy it, it is yours forever. Whereas the the subscription version will stop working once you stop paying the subscriptions.
Better hurry to get it on sale. (Only 2 more days left for full versions)
The subscription version is Trainz Plus only. As pointed out above by RP, if you purchase TRS22PE (a better version than TRS22 - if that option is still available) then you keep it for life.
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at midnight I presume.
That is the problem with time on a world-wide forum.

Here in Sydney Aus it is 08:32 on Sun 5th May (past "midnight" and the A-Maz-ing sale is still on). In London it is 23:32 Sat 4th May, New York it is 06:32 Sat 4th May.