Trouble Upgrading to TRS19 SP3 with Coal Country and a route based on it


Trainz Addict
Back story: I purchased Coal Country back before SP3 (or even SP2) had been released. Like many fans of this route, I have cloned it to and modified it make it feel like the Pennsylvania RR: I've replaced all the signals and other trackside stuff, and backdated the vehicles and many scenery objects. I've actually gotten rather carried away with it and added about six more miles of track to the east, past Richmond. (Hey, I needed somewhere to deliver all that coal to!) :) I've even added a bunch of new freight customers. It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say this route is where I spend about 90% of my time in Trainz these days. It's my own little world.

Back to today, I've finally decided to upgrade TRS19 to SP3, but I'm having problems Coal Country with my cloned route:

(1) Initially I had TRS19 Platinum build 105100, as well as Coal Country version <kuid2:92924:100080:13>, and my own route based on it. Everything was working fine.

(2) I upgraded TRS19 to build 111951 (SP3) and let it do its database rebuild, after which the status of Coal Country <kuid2:92924:100080:13> was "Installed, Payware (Not Active)", and my own route's status was "Modified, Payware (Not Active)". I was not able to see either route in TRS19 (only in Content Manager), and I could not find any way to "activate" this version of the route under TRS19 build 111951.

(3) I then upgraded Coal Country to version <kuid2:92924:100080:16> via the "Update" button in the "Content Store" (started from the main launcher). After that it appeared as "built-in", rather than "payware", and I was then able to use (the new version of) the route in TRS19, but my cloned route still shows as "Modified, Payware (Not Active)" and can't be accessed.

(4) On a hunch, I tried editing the config.txt file of my derived route and changed "is-payware-content <kuid2:92924:100080:13>" to "is-payware-content <kuid2:92924:100080:16>", and submitted my edits. This finally changed my route's status back to "Modified (Payware)" and got it working again, BUT it now has a broken dependency: <kuid:106916:10510> Road White Stripe Spline, which is showing as "Installed, Payware (not active)". It looks like JR replaced this road stripe spline with their own in the change from route version <kuid2:92924:100080:13> to <kuid2:92924:100080:16>.

I realize that to fix this I can replace the road stripe spline with the road spline that JR replaced it with themselves, or another spline of my choosing, and be good to go again, but this whole process has risen several concerns for me:

(1) The JR road stripe spline seems to sit at a different height than the original one, so it's not a simple asset search and replace, I am going to have to go over the entire route very carefully and adjust the height in probably dozens of places, and it will probably take hours. :-( This worries me that I could have to do the same (or even more) work every time there is a Trainz update. Is there any automated way to do this?

(2) I don't understand why I can't continue to use content that I have purchased after an upgrade? Shouldn't the original version of the Coal Country route I had continue to work after a service pack installation? Conversely, choosing not to upgrade Trainz isn't really a viable option; even if I choose to ignore the contant nag dialogs, I then can't access any new DLS content that requires SP3 and I'm stuck there forever. Did I go about this wrong? I tried to find a way to simply activate and continue using Coal Country <kuid2:92924:100080:13> with SP3, but it seems like Trainz just wouldn't let me.

(3) I noticed that the license within the config.txt file of that original road stripe spline states: "Free, may be used in any way." So, why is this asset DRM restricted in the first place? (I don't mean that sarcastically or ironically, that genuinely seems like a mistake?)

Thanks for any help!
Where did you purchase the initial Coal Country from? N3V also sells this item as DLC so its possible some assets will also show as Payware( hopefully without that Not Active) on it since that is how they process content for DLC. You should however not have any problems with any of this is its all content purchased from us and installed from our site as were obviously not packing in that DLC tagged product into our CDPs sold.

If you purchased the route from us directly then attempted to update it via the content store, you are attempting to update to something you arent authorized to since N3V has no idea you purchased it from us directly, which is likely why you have the not active problem all of a sudden. I would backdate or get rid of the updated version and reinstall ours. Were definitely not tagging our content as Payware here, that would be counterproductive.