Trainz 22 And Trainz TANE Download stations errors happen and idk how to fix it

these are the errors have with my Dowload Station messages show up saying "unable to download asset connection interrupted" with these errors i cannot own anything from from the the Download Station trainz feels kinda empty without being to download stuff from the Download Station I do have a MyTrainz account for online things and the Download station but even if I have a MyTrainz account i still get errors.That also means I can't download dependecies for 3rd party content some stuff i import show up faulty because some dependencies need to downloaded but i cant download the dependencies because errors show up and some just show up faulty for no reason..and when i download something from the download station it downloads 0 bytes per second.if anyone could help me fix these problems with the download station please tell me. N3V games needs to see this. i really want to have my favorite locomotives but with the errors i can't.

here are screenshots of the errors

Here is screenshot from a video to demonstrate what i want see is 0 errors not a number of errors



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