Training Dayz


Thanks to everyone who jumped in todays Training Dayz session to ask (many!) questions. Was a very good mix of questions and I hope we answered most if not all of them.

Details for these sessions can be found at the bottom of the Trainz Plus website HERE
You can register your interest in these sessions and we will send email notification as they get closer to remind the session is happening.
For the questions we couldn't get to in real-time, I've included answers / information below.

For help creating your config.txt files:

For help creating your texture.txt files: which takes you to
Download the Trainz Content Utilities software. When it loads change your Primary Options to Generate texture.txt and then copy over your Root Directory where your assets are. The software will generate all the texture.txt files for you.

To look into creating your own industries I would start with one of the builtin assets, like <kuid2:523:1427:5> Industry Warehouse Small
Open it for edit and in the script you will find the PerformStoppedLoad which is performing the functionality for the UNLOAD and LOAD command. You can script these operations to make your industry perform how you would like.