Trackside Camera is being overlaid with Map view


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On some included routes, with both Trainz 19 and 22, after a while, when I switch to Trackside Camera (Keyboard 3) it's overlayed with the Map view.

1 goes to cab OK,​
2 goes to Chase, but zoomed out,​
3 does nothing as that's where you already are,​
4 works OK​
M does nothing.​
Screen print shows the Trackside view only, not the Map view that's overlaying it. I suppose this is to be expected as a screen print removes a lot of stuff. So I don't have one to link to.
Here's a camera shot of the screen though, Photo
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Depending on the route, are you sure there are trackside cameras available? If you go to Trackside view and there are no cameras, it seems to default to Chase view.
I can confirm that it does, Forester1, as far back as I can recall, but there is something peculiar going on with ispcrco2009`s issue that I myself have never seen. I`m sorry, but I cannot help more than that.