Locomotive error I didn't imagine could even happen - flying parts?


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Hey Y'all; Am seeing a locomotive error I didn't imagine could even happen. A Southern Pacific Daylight GS4 with consist has 2 drive wheels and 2 siderods actually flying at heights in formation as it goes along.
It still has all the wheels and siderods it is expected to in their proper places, moving as they should, but it also has these 2 drive wheels, and 2 siderods, all laying horizontally even, instead of upright as normally would be, flying in echelon formation like some kind of camera chase UFOs. 🛸🛸🛸🛸

❗And they even move in the air as locomotive gently sways along.

It is the locomotive in Consist - Southern Pacific Daylight Express Train (with no '#2' or '#3' like other two consist names have)

Oh, guess the consist kuid should be looked up and given.


Locomotive itself would have a kuid, give me a bit to find that.

USA SP Class GS-4 Steam Engine <kuid:59906:4449:1>




The reason is simple... in the animation of the bogey, there is a problem that involves the point of origin of the parts and their hierarchies. Only the mesh creator can fix it, correcting the animation and re-exporting the model.
The indicated Asset is a Consist, assuming that the problem is in the drive bogie, it would be the Loco SP GS-4 Engine Daylight (<kuid2:103021:100086:3> by Author Lilb) and specifically the drive bogie... I don't have it's kuid number yet since it is downloading at 1 KB/s :ROFLMAO:
You say that the steamer in question is the
USA SP Class GS-4 Steam Engine <kuid:59906:4449:1> that is from mrtrain.
However, the Consist you indicate details another machine:
SP GS-4 Engine Daylight <kuid2:103021:100086:3> from Lilb.
I'll download it to see it ...
I can confirm that the Asset is the USA SP Class GS-4 Engine Mid Bogey <kuid2:59906:50013:2> from mrtrain.
And indeed its parts are flying ...

And indeed its parts are flying ...
Thanks! It is fascinating to watch the parts move aloft.
But, yeah, it was going to be someone more computer tech skilled than me to confirm the source.
I'm not the most technogeek person on the planet and given the effects of neurological autoimmune disease I never will be.
I tell ya what, in my half century of doing scale model trains in HO, O, N, On30, Gn15, G, sure never saw a locomotive do something, anything, like that! :ROFLMAO:

Yes, it came as part of the consist.
That user has assembled quite a number of really nice consists.
To find identity of locomotive itself, went in surveyor to train car selection panel, clicked 'get train', noted name, then looked it up in Manage Content to get locomotive kuid.
Actually, it's just a visual defect...
The connecting rods and wheels are in place and work correctly. The flying pieces are not animated, and were surely a first version of the rod and wheels then copied to their final location.
Due to the distance at which they are located, they were not detected when inspecting the model, animating it and then exporting it with them included as a gift. Often happens ...
Looks to me like "spare parts" that were in the mid bogie source and inadvertently got exported with the rest. When I started out making models I often had parts up in the stratosphere and didn't know how they got there. Making animated parts was usually the problem because they sometimes fly off when unlinking for some reason.
I'm a bit surprised Trainz didn't mark it as an error for too large a mesh. i.e. the bounding box would include the bogie parts at track level and those up in the sky.

I could ask the CRG to mark it erroneous but I'm not sure its fixable. We can repair some meshes but animated ones are mostly impractical without the original source.
It might be possible to make these parts invisible using IM Editor, but they will still cast shadows. I used this method for Cebenpeter's BR44, to remove an additional wheel.