Trackside -> Balis x2


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Hi All,

Can anyone tell me what the "Trackside" accessory "Balis x2" does? :confused:

I selected this and clicked down on a track and two yellowish squares appeared in the center of the track. But what is this for? I'm exploring different track items to enhance my layout now and have never run across this until now. There's also a "Balis x3" that places three small squares down between the rails. I get the impression this is another kind of "Trigger" asset to do something. Thanks and bye for now. :)

Balis x2 etc

Thank you Dave for the link describing the Balises item. That's pretty cool what it can do. Never knew there something like this, for safety.

Think I'm in deep water now for not even being able to guess how this thing is used in Trainz. No matter thou, TRS and retirement, an unbeatable combination! :D

Be well everyone! Bye.:wave:

npr284 Berkshire

ps- Building a layout in Trainz is like reading a good book. You never want to finish it or come to the end. :udrool: