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Since there are alot of threads about different parts of trainz why not have a tourist railway one.i enjoy building them and maybe 1 or 2 others do to:eek: .
Ill start with my "mythical" line.

A unknow J Class:confused: Heads a short tourist train out of marooma.
The North Yorkshire Moors Railway Station Goathland in the Esk Valley

Route Heartbeat Revisited 100% available via the DLS
I diddn't think anyone was going to post 12 hours ago noone had but now...
Another from my railway.
Nice shots all.

BR (W) 7820 on hire from the West Somerset Railway Rounds Samford Breat curve on the Devon and Cornwall Railway.
*Supermarket PA system voice*

Boobless_Ed to the Tourist Railways Thread
Tourist Railways Thread

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I was actually watching a vid of the zig zag railway the other day, it showed one of the bb18's on a freight sitting in the middle road waiting to get into the top points, when the DD17 at the station got out onto the top section, of course a greenie was given to the BB, poor driver couldn't get traction, so he released the brakes and flew down the grade to get a run-up. Did You Know that steam locos were designed to have bad traction on purpose, eg. A BB18's tractive force at 85% B.P. is 22648 lbs, where as a disel or electrics tractive effort would be 10 times better than this.
Know why? Beacause any better tractive effort than that 22648 lbs, and you would start to bend and break things eg. Rods, Pistons cylinders, etc.

The expert has spoken.

Just kidding I'm no expert, got a lot to learn yet eg. Lubricators, westinghouse pumps and how to fire a loco properley (not the hillbilly way)....
Oh, the joys of a BB18 1/4 hauling a freight up Middle Road and stalling...
Happens frequently at the ZZR Members Xmas party:D

One year she had 6 attempts before she got up the hill:eek:

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My amusment park cars are up for download! They count as tourist right? I'll be posting pics soon. N9ice screens everyone!