My layout called Hornibrook.


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My layout called Hornibrook.

I've been plugging away on my route for almost 3 months, well since I got TRS 2022 in August or a bit after.

I haven't posted many pics but I've certainly been working at it.

It started out as a small country town that progressed through rural lands and towns.

I will start my own thread for my route as I've done so much I can add screenshots over time.

The route comprises of the unwired rural scenes that lead into the electrified suburban network.

I've since constructed an airport and something a little outside the box.

You see I have been making use of invisible tracks for drivable planes, helicopters and vehicles. I have found this aspect really opens up a whole new world in the Trainz game.

As I said I've got drivable planes and helicopters from the airport with two flight paths, one short, one long but you can easily run multiple aircraft as long as they all run in the same direction and at the same speed.

It really is enjoyable to stand somewhere on the route and watch aircraft fly past.

So with that in mind I thought there is something else that can be added just for something different and adds a little bit of fantasy to the route.

You see there are drivable UFOs, so I set out constructing another aspect of TRS.

You see planes take off from the airport, ships leave the docks, trains depart the station, but where do UFOs take off from?

I thought well they are shrouded in mystery, so there has to be that element. Hidden in the mountains, but can't be seen from the train. You wouldn't know there was anything there, but a mysterious UFO is often seen flying eratically above the mountains.

Well I guess I have to blow the lid off the mystery.

I have constructed what I call planets, with a landing pad for the UFOs with the invisible track attached.

Hidden behind the mountain is one baseboard with rock and cement. I've constructed a small loop utilising the Marsz track and buildings.

In order to give the planet a name I have hidden a renameable goods shed inside a Marsz structure. Planet Zingalooga, there is qlso planet Footlike, and you'll see why I've called it that. Its just how the terrain has been shaped.

Planet Zingalooga is home to gorillas and astronauts who live peacefully on the planet. There is a loop line that passes through four stations. There are several other structures to complete the scene.

I will post screenshots of the mountain view from a baseboard that is not yet developed. Only to demonstrate what you would see.

Also shown is behind the mountain and what you would see when you fly the UFO out of Planet Zingalooga.

The flight path of the UFOs is substantial and takes at least 20 minutes to run a complete loop.

Here are the screenies.

You see there are drivable UFOs, so I set out constructing another aspect of TRS.
Oh, that brings to mind the other day thinking how cool it would be to make some classic 1930s Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers comic strip rockets to do that with.

The folks who started and support the 'Marsz' Trainz project have been a, I'm actually use the word blessing, to creativity and imagination.

I like what you are creating here, cool stuff, mate, cool stuff. :cool:(y)🚟🚀
One of the spark plugs in the MARSZ group creation engine was Ish6, who, sadly, is no longer around. He has a huge amount of content based on MARSZ. This route is really cool. I like it.

"Sir, you realise there's a Concorde in your backyard. Yes my dear, the answer lies at the front of the building".

Then at night people come and watch movies in their cars.....

Some of the relics are wartime material.

How does one get a Concorde in there?? It's as about as mysterious as the UFO sightings around here but I dare say someone with a mouse and keyboard....

Some progress shots with Milton Valley Ingalls Shipbuilding reskin by Sharadise, only just appeared on the DLS this morning. I had to download Dave Snow's model after that.

Here are the screenies....

Well done sir. I also caught the aircraft carrier links and those are well done! The landing on the first one looked like it had too much of an angled approach, but it might have just been the viewing angle. But it landed!