TOTR in Portland, ME


TOTR veteran :))
After Detroit, we'll be in Portland!
Russ Milland and Al Barten will be hob-nobbing with the narrow guagers in Maine

Holiday Inn By The Bay
Portland, Maine
August 29 - September 1, 2007

Come on out and say hello!
Chris C.

Come on, during school!?! And if any of you are wondering, school for me this year starts August 27. AHHH!
I was able to go to the Convention yesterday and today, and let me tell ya there's a lot of stuff there! I went out the the two foot gauge railroad near the water, and man does #4 ( a 2-4-4 built by Vulcan) have an awesome whistle! It's funny to see a little locomotve with a whistle that looks like it belongs on a standard gauge Mikado! ;)

I met John Coker, DRHS member and usual engineer for C-18 #315, and I also was able to meet Al Barten and his wife and they had a great display of Trainz products, and narrow gauge screenies.

Todd, which days did you plan on and end up going? I probably walked right past you.

Dietrich :)
Well, due to financial constraints and the cost of gas, etc... I won't be able to make it. :( Major Bummer...