tis the season to be .... from Lance.

Merry Christmas and happy New Year Lance,

I wish all the best for a great 2008 for you and your family. Somebody already said that Auran's loss will be someone else's gain, and I can only add to that statement. You will come out of all this in fine shape because quality always wins out in the end.

Best wishes,

John D'Angelo
Every cloud has a silver lining, good to see prr001 back.

Happy and prosperous New Year Lance. :)

Now about Mac Trainz ..........

Hey Lance,

Merry Christmas and have a great new year!

Great to see you back online, great indeed :D
Hi from Waz

Hi Lance from the Sydney Trainzers

Greetings and memories from a few great TOTR events . Also hope you and your family have a great Holiday Season.("Go the Pies"- Magpies= Collingwood in the Aussie Rules Football code):p :eek:

Warwick Howse
Just saw this thread, after a few days away from forums. Happy New Year to you Lance. Your outlook on recent events is commendable (to say the least) !


Creation of new assets

Hello Lance,

I have tried to contact you at your email address : jago3 AT bigpond DOT com. It seems to be obsolete, so I am doing it throught Trainz chat.
I have created a route reproducing the Cape Peninsula National Park in South Africa. I intend to export this route into the DLS.
I have cloned two of your kuid2:45707:40857:1 and kuid2:45707:40854:1 (GS Street Name wop 27x1600m and 27x0800) to make 30 similar signboards giving directions in the National Park.

I ask your permission to export those 30 new assets into the DLS. The config file will refer to you as follow:
Permission granted to create variant.
Original created by Lance Jago (prr001)

Best regards
Jean-Louis Faure (jlfaure85)

Hello everyone,

It's been an adventurous journey over the last 10 days or so getting used to the fact that Trainz will no longer play such a large role in my life. In recent months, since Detroit actually, I have slowly been returning to Trainz as a user and I have no plans to slacken that pace. I look back now on the past 4 years with fondness and I am proud of what we have achieved and of my contribution to Trainz and this community.

Having been involved with TC3 up until recently I can tell you without breaching my NDA that it will contain a host of new and exciting features along with some major code improvements and rewrites. The Settle to Carlisle route itself is exquisite and will include truly interactive Driver Sessions to satisfy all users regardless of driving preferences. TC3 is what TC1 should have been, both visually and programmatically and will herald the future destination of Trainz. The modelling is so far beyond TC1 & 2 and the user interaction is presented confidently. Regardless of your country of origin I would encourage you to keep an eye on this release.

What is in store for the future of Trainz will play out over the coming months with TC3 now entrenched as the next "new" thing. It has become abundantly clear what value Auran place on the Trainz Community as recently indicated by both their actions and subsequent statements. The Download Station will no doubt survive and thrive despite any change to the current status of Trainz, TRS or TC.

And now I close another chapter in my life as I head forward into Christmas 2007. Christmas for me has always been a spiritual event to be celebrated with our family and friends. I am blessed with both in abundance and this year will be no different. I am looking forward to what the day will bring and to the what 2008 has in store.

So I will take this opportunity to thank the very special friends I have made in this community for their recent support and well wishes. You know who you are and I thank you for the people you are. To all my Community friends, I wish you the very best for the season and may you experience the best that this time of year brings.

To all, I wish you a Merry Christmas for 2007 and a safe and Happy New Year and if anybody needs me, I'll be in the club car ;)


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