The Russians Are Coming


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As a break from my normal North America and Australia activities, occasionally I spend a few moments rummaging around on European Trainz sites to see what the rest of the civilized world is doing.

A short time ago I discovered this German "Railion" locomotive, which compares more than favorably with best anywhere, and used it in a session for PortSwitching:


A couple of nights back I was browsing Russian sites. There is some excellent material, and at the moment I'm packaging a session for RiversideRailroad.

"RussiansAreComing" does require external downloads:

Locos: 2M62U-0073.cdp


8-axle tank cars:

Flat cars:


The rar files from the Russian sites can be unpacked using WinZip 11 or better, or IZArc. Please do not be discouraged by this. These are outstanding items of rolling stock. Trust me, it is well worth the effort of downloading, unpackaging and installing.

The session runs like this:

Dispatcher here. Vladimir and Yuri, thanks for your help in commissioning the rolling stock we purchased from the former USSR. Before you leave, if I could ask one more favour – a couple of gondolas have jumped the track at Silos and there is an urgent need for furnace oil at Fingers Foundry.
You should assemble the consist in the order locomotives, empty ballast hoppers, tank cars, cranes and match trucks, and flat cars. Make sure the flat cars are loaded with replacement rails and sleepers from the MoW depot.
Head south to Silos, unload the rails and sleepers and position the cranes to help with re-railing of the gondolas and repair of the track.
Head south, leave the tank cars in the fuel spur at Fingers and swap the empty ballast hoppers for loaded ones at the Bulk Terminal at Lys. Return with the ballast hoppers to Silos.
If you are running close to time, go light engine to Lys Loco where I will arrange a relief crew. Otherwise return the crane, match trucks and flats to MoW Diaspar.
Class 1 railroad trains will be running at 4 minute intervals.
You are authorised to travel at up to 45mph except in yard areas where normal limits apply.
You are authorised to stop when necessary for locomotive purposes.

As with all my sessions, maps and a readme are included in the folder containing the session.

The starting point is Diaspar, the main activity at Silos, with a run through to Lys:


In pictorial form the session runs something like this ---

In the early morning light, climb aboard and refuel the locomotives at Diaspar Loco Depot:


Attach the loaded 8-axle tank cars standing at the Conoco Terminal:



Collect the empty ballast hoppers at Alans's Multifunctional; these hoppers are incredibly well detailed, down to the actuating levers and pipes:



Head over to the MoW Deport and attach the cranes and match trucks:


After coupling to the cranes I found that the reverser on the locomotives refused to function until I pressed the "End" key on the Numeric Keypad (NumLock activated).

Now attach the flat cars and load them between the yellow markers:


Head west past AgriBusiness:


Now take care - somewhere ahead you will encounter the first of the AI trainz heading towards you. Give way to them at all squeeze points.

Out on the Riverside section:



Thunder through Riverside:



Once you get to "The Terraces" you are approaching Silos:


Unload the rails and sleepers between the yellow markers and spot the cranes so that the gondolas can be lifted back on the track and the rails and sleepers replaced:


Ballast is still needed to complete the MoW work, but on the way to get the ballast drop the tank cars in the fuel spur at Fingers Foundry:


Swap the unloaded ballast hoppers for loaded hoppers at the Bulk Terminal at the lower level of Lys:


Take the loaded hoppers back to Silos.

Now, if you have worked your full shift, go back to Lys Loco Depot, hand over to a relief crew and sign off.

Otherwise, collect the crane, match trucks and flats, and return them to Diaspar MoW. Sign off at Loco.

Vladimir and Yuri, thanks once agin for your help. Dispatcher out.

This thumbnail should appear on a Download Station near you next week:

You mean to say Phil, that you have only just found these Russian sites, some of us have been playing with their stuff since way before last Christmas. :hehe:

I'll knock up a couple of screenshots of something suitable for your thread when I get home from shopping duties.

Cheerz. ex-railwayman.

P.S. I concur with everything that Phil has said, the Russian and Ukrainean websites content, are fantastic and a worthy addition to any Trainzer's collection of locomotives and rolling stock.
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This session is now on the Download Station.

Unfortunately I was a bit too verbose and the text under the thumbnail has been truncated.

Missing are words to the effect:

1. There is a readme and maps in the folder containing the route.

2. More importantly, after coupling to the cranes the reverser on the locomotives may refuse to function until the "End" key on the Numeric Keypad (with NumLock activated) is pressed. I do not know why this should be so.

As always, feedback and comments are welcome.

Damn flaky Eastern European sites!!

The above links for the rolling stock are no longer active.

For those still interested in this little session and until the Russian links come back on line, all the required rolling stock can be found at:

It's a 27MB download.


(I noticed that Auran was down this morning; maybe it too is hosted back in the USSR?)


I've just uploaded a :2 version that includes the revised link for the rolling stock in the text that appears under the thumbnail on the Download Station.
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It`s my own route, RRT Route, fictional. I hope to make it avalable to the public soon. When it will be eventually avalable, it will pe on :wave: Check out more screens on the site`s forum.

DaSnakke --

WOW. That looks superb !~!

Back on that Russian theme:




All on "Port Ogden & Northern".

:cool: some great screen shots of some great content BUT some items are missing and am haveing trouble trying to find it all :'( but i am trying :D
Just ran the session. Didn't get very far though.... :eek:

The LARS Fuel oil stop (B12) was not configured with the oil product. :p

4+ years ago

Hey Rico --

My original post was 4+ years ago. Can I be excused for not providing support?

From memory, I don't think you have to actually load the tank cars (I think the reason might be that the tank cars are not configured to load anything). Just attach them in the order given by the Dispatcher and then continue with the session.

I have downloaded all the route/session requirements from Phil's link, direct from the Russian links, and installed. CMP 3.6 is showing a missing dep. KUID:10274:32003, RZD 18 Bogey3.
Not sure why this has happened, but I get the same result wherever I d/l the stuff from. Does anybody have any ideas on a solution? Apart from having a lot of missing consists, what I have seen of the route/session are fantastic.

Cheers in advance

Bob (CRO)

Strewth, ignore the post - somehow the missing dependency has appeared and fixed the relevant consists. As my moniker says "if it ain't broke..."
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The Russians seem to be back online by now. I just succeeded in downloading all the rolling stock. I do recommend GoogleChrome for two reasons: One: the Cyrillic text is automatically translated to English. Two: There are some .cdp files (not on the DLS) that cannot be downloaded because if you try you get some text. Does not happen with Chrome.
All I am looking for right now is the session itself. That is, as you said it is on the DLS, what is the exact name (or kuid) of the session?

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