TCCP 2.0


Hi everyone and welcome to the new public thread on the Trainz Content Creation Program ( TCCP ) 2.0.

We have been working away at the next iteration of TCCP 2.0 to make it fully automated to allow you to have full control over the processing of your content from initial development, package setup, resource management, builds, beta testing, marketing and final release.

The official website and TCCP 2.0 login can be found by following this link:

If you have any generic questions on TCCP 2.0 feel free to post them in here and we will try to answer them.
If you create a DLC project in TCCP 2.0 and have DLC specific questions then be sure to send us comments in the "notifications" section of your DLC project as we will answer them directly in your project and it keeps all communication in the one location making it easy to find and reference.
We are here to help you learn the new system so if you get stuck and there isn't any feedback for you to reference, please reach out.

Be sure to read the documentation section to fully understand the system. We will also be adding to this documentation as the system gets more use and it continues to grow.

We hope the new system helps create a much smoother transition in getting your creations to release.

For those using Discord there is a "tccp" discord channel available now also.
Is this forum also for general questions/comments for those signed up as TCCP beta testers? (in general, not to replace the TCCP beta testing system)