Surveyor Question


I have TRS2006 and I notice when I load a route into surveyor there dotted circles all over the route. It happens with downloaded routes as well as TRS2006 included routes.

Such as at track and road spline points, around trees, etc.

Is this normal or is there a way to make them go away? Granted they don't hurt anything other than being a distraction and an eyesore.

Thanks in advance,

Ken B.
They are there on purpose. They are located at spline points to aid in identifying where the spline points are. You'll see them with all splines such as track, roads, fences, etc. You'll also see them on objects that splines can connect to such as crossings. Surveyor is the construction utility adn they are there as an aid in construction of the route. They will not show up in Driver. Hope this helps.
You can go to the surveyor menu "Surveyor Options" and turn 'contextual information' on. Then the spline circles will only show when you are on the track menu or the object splines menu. One gotcha on this is that they don't show on the track-trackside menu so placing or moving switch levers is tough.