Surveyor 2.0 Error Loading


Hi Everyone, In tools when I click on surveyor 2 there is an error loading and the left hand tools are missing. Is it possible to delete surveyor 2 and re-install it. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
You can't reinstall S20 because it's integrated within the program.

I've had that error message to a couple of times, and I've been unable to figure out what caused it. After the message disappeared, everything worked as expected, so I wouldn't worry about it.

I would report the error though to N3V.

Trainz Bug Report (
Thanks John, I did as you suggested and was advised to re-install trains + also after the last trains + update I am finding that my routes have missing assets like the track for instance. Do you have any ideas on this?
Make sure Trainz+ is pointing to the correct data folder.

Since you did a fresh install, the program automatically generates a new data folder. You can use the Launcher ----> Trainz Settings -----> Install tab to select your old data folder.

This will ensure that you have all your content.

If you have no other data folder, then you need to install all the packages you are entitled to as well as install content from the DLS. For your route that's missing track, right click on that in Content Manager and choose Download from the menu. This will download any dependencies you installed from the DLS. For anything else you obtained elsewhere. you will need to install those dependencies from the CDP files and Zip files that contain the assets.