Suggestion about Overlays


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I tried to post the following suggestions on the "Suggestion Boxcar" forum this morning but it has not appeared so here goes nothing.

I was updating some sessions to TRS22 and discovered that if you hide the control overlay across the bottom of the screen you also hide the time limited messages and the custom HUD by pguy. I thought that because you can already hide the menu bar at the top of the screen it would be a "product improvement" to make the control overlay behave the same so it can be hidden and only appear if you move the mouse to the bottom edge of the display.

I also wanted to suggest that message Rules and Driver Commands could be on a separate overlay layer so they can be shown even with the control overlay hidden.
Thanks for that, I was aware that postings were subject to moderator review but what I noticed was that shortly after submitting the post it appeared in my contents with a strike through and the next time I looked at my contents it was gone so I did not know if it was lost, rejected or simply somewhere in the N3V ether.

It is now over 24 hours and I still do not know what the status of my humble suggestion might be.