Still having problems updating/patching from Ver 49922


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Still can't update beyond version 499222?

Have un-installed and re-installed Railway Simulator (run by Trainz 12) twice and with both the Auran Patcher and update patch file on its own keep getting the following message:

"Checking for available disk space for patching.
Searching for patches...
Downloading patch file...
Unpacking patch file...
Patching from 49922 to 58414...

Failed to patch Builtin\ts12a.ja, file contents do not match

Failed to apply the patch: 49922_to_58414
Patching aborted."

Any help/suggestions much appreciated.

Try going from 49922 to the next patch then to the next build and so on tell you get to 57414.
Remember do nothing while the patches are installing. Some take a looong time to install.
Go get something to eat & drink a deck of cards play some games. Or go to bed.