Spinning wheels on passenger cars

Hello all

I've encountered a problem with magicland's Southern Pacific Daylight passenger cars.

I downloaded all of them from the DLS, but then saw in Railyard that their wheels spin on their own when they shouldn't.

Any ideas on how to fix this?
This worked in TS-2010. Try it in TS-12.

Pull up the SP-2 bogey <kuid2:58843:50022:1> and open it for edit in explorer. First, I'd copy/paste the config file just in case this fails to work in TS12. Open the bogey config file and remove these 2 lines:

anim "anim.kin"
animation-loop-speed 1

Save, commit, and try it again in surveyor. In 2010, the wheels were not turning when the car was stationary but worked fine in the driver mode when being pulled by a locomotive.