Texture Applying Mystery

Checking; please await my edit upon return.

Edit: They appear to be Train Component textures. If so, my opinion is that they should have been classified as such. As I have seen very many miscategorized assets over the years, I am not at all surprised that the author disagrees with me. Exploring more, I find many other Train Component textures that are categorized as TextureNonEnv, and none that are categorized TextureEnv. I still feel, as a matter of opinion, that this is not the ideal category, but I am not a texture-creator, and I can no longer say that I have never encountered such. On the other hand, I have never had the occasion to snoop in that particular use-case before, so there is no reason why I should have seen them. Ah well, I was trying to be helpful with the best information that I was aware of, and you have educated me yet again. (y)
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