Solved: Control method - DCC vs Realistic mode locked


New member
I have developed a problem where I can no longer select the mode of driving (DCC or Realistic) mode in sessions. When I click on the yellow dots at the lower right hand side of the driver screen, nothing happens. The mode seems to be locked.

Any ideas?
I thought it was fixed but it happened again. I could not select DCC or realistic mode using the yellow dots on lower right hand side of the screen. I found another fix which has worked for a couple of days now:

I have been changing my screen resolution occassionally as I stream from my main computer to a laptop. It seems this can mess with Trainz interface settings. The fix is:

  1. In Driver, go to Settings
  2. Click on Driver Settings
  3. Move the Interface Height slider - any amount will do
Go gack to drive and you will now be able to change driver control mode.