Slight problem with engine specs - Train stops when I change things inside container


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Hello !

I am making a Panzertriebwagen 16. armored locomotive and have to make engine specs for it. I want to make them instead of using someone else's engine spec.

So here is my problem ; I recently learnt about making engine specs with what I found on the Forum (using Trainz Engine Editor). However, I'm stuck with a container that stops my locomotive when I throttle up : Motor container. Here is the current untouched motor container I got from another locomotive, that is working fine BUT that is going over 90kph (The base specs for the WR 550 D14 is max speed around 60kph !)


Here are the specs I want ;

Max Speed : 60 kph

Max Force : 175 kN

Max Power : 405 kW


From TEE, I got that, that I used as throttle-power values.


Does it have something to do with the Motor container or with dynamic-brake ?

How to solve that so, instrad of going up to 90kph, it goes up to 60kph ?

Thanks for helping !

The motor container's max speed and accel/decel values are for DCC mode only but the speed value is in meters per second. The throttle power curve is what is used in cab mode. The image you show in TEE appears correct, and is maxed at 60kph as indicated in the image.
25mps = 90kph
16.667mps = 60kph

maxspeed should be 16.667

This is assuming you're using DCC. If it accelerates and decelerates too slowly add a zero or two to the max-accel and max=decel values in the motor container.

If the problem is in cab mode with all that speed vs kilonewton vs kilowatt sloped gibberish , what ns37 said!?!?
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