Dear Trainzers,

Has anyone heard anything from Silversmith (Alan)........He`s been very quiet and I was just wondering if he was OK.

regards to all

Where am I ???

Hi, John.
I am still around but my current project, Glasgow Coronation, is on the back-burner at the moment. I have an annoying long drawn out property situation dispute and just seem unable to slip into Gmax mode.
Hoping to resume soon. Bobby (RJHowie) and Mike (MichaeWhiteley) have been in contact.
I would hate it if the Coronation was not finished in time for the completion of Bobby's Glasgow route!!

Regards, Alan
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Appreciate your situ there Alan and rightful priorities.

I am now well catching up on the last Glasgow route (to Clarkston). In fact by this weekend the system will have been done at long last when that last half mile is down. Doing something of this size re a city gets you into periods of inactivity then a bash and then a break again. However there are places I will go back to sort things out I have came across by chance although I could spend ages being too purist! Then next week I will put up a slideshow for the South to join the previous ones for the West-City Centre-North-East-Southeast-Southwest In addition the long overdue video of actual tram running will go up.

I would not want to be selfish but would be untruthful being a Glasgow tramway lover if I wasn't honest by saying that seeing what you have re that Coronation tra will cap this giant project covering something as widespread as Glasgow. That will be the creme de la creme as Miss Jean Brodie would have said! My tramway for anyone who hasn't seen wnhat it's about can visit my wesbite link below.

Meantime hope things get settled for you Alan and can say that your work on the Glasgow trams - the standard - Kilmarnock bogie - that brillaint wee single decker crown what i am doing or now finishing.

Thanks for the reply and hope you get your problem sorted out.

Sorry I`ve taken so long to get back to you, I`ve been swanning around the Pacific on a big boat visiting Alaska and British Columbia and having a great time.

When I hadn`t from you on the forum I was a bit concerned. Glad its only "reality" interfereing with "virtuality".

Take care Alan

And you no doubt enjoyed your trip. I will be going by sea from Stranraer-Belfast for a runaout on the N.I.R. I will shut my eyes and imagine I was where you were!


It was a fantastic holiday. Brilliant food, gorgeous scenery and the wildlife was really superb..................then again Stranraer to Belfast can be quite exciting as well, I had a fabulous weekend in Ulster a month or so ago.................don`t forget an Ulster fry for breakfast !!

Hi, John,
I hope the idea of three Scots and a Sassenach ( we know who we are!) constitute a 'Community'? I think maybe we would all like to make a 'meet' one of these years at the Glasgow Model Railway Exhib.?
You may have looked, in my earlier post, at the linked pic of the small lower deck advert selection box and see that one could hire a cab from Bobby's Taxi service, allow it to fuel up at Russell's garage to continue to your shop in Renfield Street to buy, perhaps, a Pye Black Box Television;)

Regards, Alan
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How many of you Trainzers stay in glasgow?:D

including me and rjhowie

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Hey Alan,

Now I can get my own taxi to the Central Station for the boat train! As for your suggestion John about the Ulster Fry I should deter but they are far too tempting every time I go there and the soda bread, hhhm. Know the place well for holidays and events and hope to do a runabout on NIR with a pass as my next attempt at a route when the tramway is sorted.

I made a really bad mistake on Gt Western Rd and that was a long time back before I discovered Google Earth! One bit between Botanic gardens and Anniesland is shorter than it shoud be and the bit earlier from Kelvinbridge to Botanic is too long and badly out of sinc. I have had to compromise by having 2 bends that shouldn't be there and Maryhill Rd too close! But it would have been far too much to go back on the error as would have meant a massive chunk of the city being re-started a chain reaction that would have put me off and I baulked at that. Likewise a part of Albert Rd in the southside is longer but less obvious. Although the last line is done I have seen things I need to attend to and this has delayed me getting the 7th slideshow up.

Alan has a good suggestion of meeting at Model Rail Scotland and intersting AHSAN is from "dear green place" (Daniel Defoe). AHSAN, I'm out west here in Knightswood.

Never have managed to keep to my timetable but this Sunday i am again hoping to be able to focus on getting the 7th slideshow up for the completed "South". Along with the others from west-city centre-north-east-southeast-southwest will see a project that covers what existed rather than a fictional one. Must also add a Fraps video of a running tram for the first time in Glasgow for 46 years (wellaaprt from the Flower Festival!). Someone who did a check for me on a problem commented that it was massive and I suppose it is as I have completed 238 boards of every tram line Glasgow ever had. So much to go over meantime. When ready will try the Transport Museum direct this time rather than through a Council Dept as that proved a waste of time a year ago.

Now back to the long process of sorting out things so far seen......