Sightings at the ZecRail workshops


Zec, the owner of ZecRail
Been a busy few weeks at the ZR workshops during the last few weeks.
Over the last few days, we have had locos undergoing testing, new stuff being delivered. It's been rather busy. And being so close to Christmas there is so much to do. I luckily got some pics around Wadalbavale, including in the workshops.

A couple of days ago we took delivery of some new QB well wagons for final fit outs. They were hauled in by a hired B75, since B84 was in the shops for repairs.

B75 is seen sitting in the yard prior to running around the train to propel the wagons into the workshops.

Soon after, I got this pic of the train about to go over the old quadruple gauge crossing, leading into the workshops.

I also got this pic of the wagons sitting in the dual gauge, transfer siding.

There were also some more QB wagons without bogies sitting in front of one of the sheds.

Then yesterday, these three little locos were spotted sitting in front of the main shed, almost ready for final testing. We should be seeing these locos on the roster very soon. From L-R they are: RBR Z526 (SG), VR Z526 (SG) special, VR Z526 (SG), VR Z526 (BG).

More pics soon :)
Nice to see things going well at ZecRail. Great stuff!

Really nice models there. How did you create you own logo for on top of the shed? It looks really good!

Best wishes,
Well, it's a modified Victorian Railways diesel loco logo, with ZR in the middle. I then made a plane that was the correct size in GMax, put the texture on and exported. I have 3 versions the large building sign (As seen), a smaller one, and one on posts that is at the entrance (SP?) of my workshops.
Very easy to make, and a good beginners project :)
On my hard drive :p
Actually, they are still a work in progress (This one was exported to make sure everything was working right, I'm trying to work out how I'll do the textures now).