Show Off Your Routes *Potential For Large Screenshots*

WIP - PO&N Frostbite Falls division
Originally this was all speedtrees, but I switched to the low-poly "Tree Pine High Fast", <kuid:44179:60021> because the speedtrees were making my FPS drop.
nice shots scratchy

I do not understand what he meant by that either. I think he was trying to make a joke, but I am not entirely sure.
Is this wide enough to understand?

Terminology class 1O1:
Left to right;
-original switch
-widened switch by longer ties
-widened switch by different track guage

-longer switch (#7 by the way) [switches are always measured or referred to by length, not width.]
Right, I work on a track crew, I should know this.

Now, on subject of the thread, welcome to the Union Pacific's Midwestern Sub






-longer switch (#7 by the way) [switches are always measured or referred to by length, not width.]

Switches are pretty much universally measured by the angle of the common crossing. In a #7 the diverging route leaves the straight route at a 1:7 ratio, a #10 at a 1:10 ratio etc.

Local terminology varies a bit but the length of the closure rails is typically expressed as a suffix, a #7a has a shorter approach than a #7b which is shorter than a #7c etc. Long approach on the main line, short approach in yards.

You can generally assume that say a #20 is going to have a greater overall length than a #10, but a #10 is not necessarily longer than a #9....
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A few shots from Chicago...various parts of the route and scenery progress...

The first 2 shots WB ex-PRR 59st at Damen ave
3rd shot CNW switching on the north line
4th and 5th shots CNW Carrol st line
6th and 7th CHESSIE WB entering ILL at Calumet river

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