Setting up routes for manual driving

I my be being obtuse and missing something very basic, but... is there an easy way to set up a route so that the points (switches?) are all set correctly for me to take up the reins of my trusty iron steed and drive it where I want to go? I'e been doing it manually, but over a long distance with a lot of diverging lines it gets tiresome and I've crashed through many a bufferstop while exceeding the speed limit. I'm assuming there's a way to get AI (the third dot mode in Driver) to do the groundwork so that I can then switch to the middle dot and enjoy charging my puny Class 101 up and down the gradients, secure in the knowledge that I'm not going to plunge off the end of a siding.
If you haven't done it already, create a session using Create Session off of the route menu by clicking on your route located on the bar below then choosing that option.

In the session you created, you can set up all your consists, assign drivers, configure stations and industries, and also set all the junctions you want. When you save the session, you may be prompted to overwrite the route. Do so as requested. (I seriously can't remember if it does or doesn't!).

When you drive this session, the junctions will be set as you set them up when you created the session.

Should you decide later on to create another session, clone this one to keep the junctions, and consists and everything else too, set up and ready for driving.