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Hi everyone

I was hoping someone could help me out with a session recovery. While deleting some unused assets from content manager earlier I accidentally deleted a session of a route I'm working on. All the auto back-ups are working as intended and I have located the correct backup folders and .tzarc file but I cant seem to get it to actually back up. I've tried putting the .tzarc file in the editing folder and doing a database rebuild but the session still isn't showing up. I've also tried dragging the folders directly into content manager as suggested by some sites i looked on but that doesn't work either. I'm sure there's just something small and silly I'm missing but I'm drawing a blank here, anyone got any tips? do I maybe have to delete the route too first and then restore route and session as one? any help would be greatly appreciated
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Handling TZARC folders:

Sometimes the item you want to restore will be saved in tzarc format
In this case, find the .tzarc folder in your backup folder (it will have a name like kuid2 438196 1187 1.tzarc)
This could be a builtin item or 3rd party item
We now need to drag or copy the .tzarc file using Windows Explorer into your "local" Folder that is in the same directory as your "backups" folder (this is the important part - you cannot drag a .tzarc file into Content Manager)
Then click Launcher > Developer > Rebuild Database
Once the repair has finished, review the restored version to check everything is restored correctly
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