Seeking ID for a Horseman


RR Mod Maker
I am seeking a nice horseman that i can't find in the library with searches i have is to be found in the Silverton Durango route and is seen here: can a kind person help me find it?

Horse and Rider 1A - trotting - Elvenor
23rd February 2005

USA Western horse and rider #1, with texture A. The horse has a trotting gait only. This is an engine. Place it on invisible track and get it up to speed quickly.
Thank you all very very much .that was very kind of you. I am very new to using the library and your help means a lot to me, i found a LOT of horses i had not found before. Some very nice ones indeed. I am working on a route from the 2004 version of Trainz so it was very helpful to find the older ones. thanks again.