Scripting No-Spawn Roads


Electric Blue
Hello, is there any way to script a road (I'M making) so that it doesn't spawn roads? I want it to be able to still have cars run on them, but no new cars should be spawned. This is so the road between 2 level crossings will be empty when both gates are closed, and cars don't pop out of nowhere in the middle road when both are closed.

Thanks, Ron
As far as I know, no road will ever spawn cars when on both sides connected to another road. In other words: They will not just show-up in the middle, they start at the beginning or end of a road.
Yes, you can make roads that do not spawn vehicles by setting the carrate=0. You can't make a road spawn a few cars then none though.

You could, however, do what I do which is to use a no-car road where I don't want traffic and then manually build crossings using the NRC components. You then connect the gates and workings to the tracks so the gates go down, but there are no cars at the crossings. The problem is once you connect a road with no vehicles, it becomes another road with cars which will follow it. To prevent this from occurring, I butt the road with no cars up against an intersection or another road, but don't connect them.

I may be misunderstanding your requirement but this is what I would do:

Lay the visible road using one of the available no traffic roads.
Add any road markings and other visible elements except the working parts of the crossing.
Add traffic paths, one for each direction going across the crossing without breaks and attach car generators to these.
Attach the working level crossing components to the traffic paths.