Running 2004 senarios in 2006.


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Would anyone have experience in setting up 2004 senarios to run in 2006 and in the following ways?

1/ To access the senarios that were installed with 2004 and run them in 2006 when the 2 versions are installed on the same computer.

2/ Similar to above, but the 2004 senarios be loaded into 2006 so that 2004 could be uninstalled.

3/ Downloading (and the compatibility of) new 2004 senarios to run on 2006.

In other words, how do you do it?

My 3 kids (when they are allowed to play Trainz on MY computer) have their preferences for either. they are only looking at how interesting the senarios are. They are not really interested in fancy extras, yet. So I am forever changing from one to the other.

do you mean the ones such as 1) Banks Heath 2) East Coast Sunlander etc.?

These were included in '04, but not '06. Presumably because '06 comes with so many new sessions (replacement for scenarios) that there is probably no point.

They were not included in '06, however on the old forums there was a download link to them that did work in '06, you would install them as normal content.

I've just had a look and I have "banks heath" scenario (passenger enabled version) and its route - I could email that to you if you like? reply here or send me an email and I'll send you it if you like.

Some of the scenarios on the DLS for TRS2004 and earlier do work with TRS2006 fine. Just install them as any other piece of content.

Alex :)
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Hi Alex

I don't know about the senarios you mentioned. I just have 2004 installed with the very basic stuff that came with it. Im thinking of things like the British Midlands tutorials, The Black Forest - Tourist Route and Winter in the Alps - Ski School for a start. I have also had a look at the Download Station for 2006 and see the 2004 senarios listed. But they are not the ones I am looking for.

I see that I can import content in 2006 from a disc based file. So, does anyone know if it is possible to import from the 2004 installation and where do I find the files?

If no one is able to help here I guess I will have to experiment. If I manage to foul everything, then I still need to do the "uninstall 2006 and reinstall with the Service Pack 1" thing.

I only noticed the scenarios when I changed to sp1. If they were there in the original 2006, I can't say. I had imported everything from 2004 to 2006 and that's where I came up with the scenarios. The built-in scenarios from 2004, you can't import, because they are Built-In. Lucy's Supply Run for Murchison logging works, as does Clear Lake Revival SP4, Sandy River Day 1 and a couple of others. You can't save a scenario in game, must be the way the trains are set up, so you'll have to run them each time from the beginning. I had clake1 and Clear Lake Supply Run running once, but now I get script errors.
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Hi nwhitney

Thanks, I guess thats the info I was looking for. If I can't import the built in senarios from 2004 then my kids will have to do without if I don't want to run 2004/end up uninstalling it.

I have learnt a bit about running other 2004 content anyway. So that may help my problem. The kids will have to put up with it,,, it's MY trainz anyway!

Why don't you just keep both 2004 and 2006 versions on your computer, this won't cause you problems except in directing where any downloads go? (And this can be set to whichever preferance you want, though will need to be re-set after you download into 2006).

The scenario scripting in 2004 is not compatible with 2006, though all the content is. Don't confuse scenario's with sessions!
Now, we come full circle.

Yes I aggree it is probably the best solution to run both 2004 and 2006.

But if you look back at the my first message that was what I was trying to avoid. Because my kids chop and change and it is ME who has to change it every time. But, if that is what I have to do,,, so be it.

There is another part to this. I was looking at installing 2006 on my new notebook (if it will run) and don't particually want to load tooooo much on to that main drive. So it would have been nice to find a way to add 2004 assets/route/senarios/sessions etc..

Still. we are talking about computers and they are only happy if WE do EXACTLY what they want us to!!!!!

Sorry, didn't mean to state the obvious and I do appreciate the reason for your original question, but due to a change in Auran's programming the scrips for 2004 scenario's aren't read by 2006, so unless the authors re-write their scenarios for 2006 you're stuck with having to run both versions. All the content, maps, rolling stock etc are compatible and will be ok but not the "story line" element of scenarios.