Royal Gorge Rt. from Pueblo, CO. to Salida, CO In the making.


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I started this project in 2011 and my system took a big dump. I lost everything but my images, and a few of my maps. So I am now going to have to recreate the entire map. :(, Oh well, That's why they call this a hobby and not an occupation.
I have a much better system now, so I hope I have no more trouble. Anyway, Here are a few pics of the old route. The new will be exactly the same.


Below, I was in the process of leveling the terrain.


Next are a few pick of the model of the Royal Gorge Bridge, created in Blender

The next couple are a test of the bridge in Trainz without the textures added to the bridge.



The next are actual pics of the model of the bridge.
At this point is an exact, very high poly, scale replica of the bridge, so I am going to have to build a low poly version of it.




This image is looking across from the north side of the bridge. The fallowing image is the real bridge at the same angle.

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Ah I remember walking on that bridge a while back. you've done a great job recreating it.

good luck with this project!

EDIT: you can just use LOD meshes to reduce the detail with distance so that it retains its original full detail at a closer view. that way you can still utilize your full detail mesh.
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Be nice if I could. Model has a poly count of over 150,000.
I have been working on the area at both the north and south ends. On the north side, I am up the road to where the incline railway booth is.
Here are a couple shots of the north side. No Texture, I need to finish the model first. Finished with the lookout on both sides, and working on the food court on the left.
The buildings at the top of the hill will be much easier.

I live in Colorado. I love going down there. It's one of my favorite places to visit during the summer. Good luck on your project. I will be following this!
Looks good! I will be following this project for sure :) Look forward to seeing the incline and that A frame bridge next. I'm thinking you should model in some batter slopes at like 1 in 5 off the edge of your model as that will help it blend with the trainz topo