Royal Gorge


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Well, I'm back. Been gone for a few years, since 2012 or 13 I think. Some may remember I was building a route from cannon city to Utah going up through the gorge. I Used Transdem and the author helped me create the terrain. But then I got into creating the bridge that crosses the gorge on blender. spent about 2+ months working daily on it and never finished. Still have the bridge if it is needed. I noticed that someone on here built that route in 2020. If you do not have the bridge and understand blender, I would be happy to send you the file. The entire bridge and most of the NE shops are done. the only thing is, there are no textures as of yet. I was still working on the model. But it fits the location perfectly. It even has the cut out for the incline railway that goes from the tracks up to the bridge.

Anyway. I'm back, and need to revamp this major learning curve. But if most of you are still here, I had no trouble last time, as most people in here are glad to lend a hand.

Still can't decide on 2019 or 2022 or both yet?! LOL