Odd solution to a problem I had with finding a bridge support the right size.


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I turned this picture of an intersection of two highways:

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Into this, using various Yarn road sections:

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Problem was I couldn't find a bridge support the right size for the one lane on and off ramp sections of the intersection. They stuck out way too far on either side or were just plain too big. I have all of my roads lined with BNSF50's invisible tracks so the roads can be driven on by players in their favorite vehicle, so I thought why not see if there is a track bridge support I could use instead. I found one that went pretty well with the Yarn ramp bridge "EMT bridge support # 4 concrete single track KUID:166065:105409". I had to float the BNSF50 track a bit above the bridge to fit, but it worked great. You can see in the next two pictures what it looks like. The track won't show up in driver mode so you won't know it's there. I will bury a second track into the road itself to drive on. Maybe others that use Yarn's roads in this manner will find this useful.

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Nice creative solution! It looks great. It will be interesting to see how the traffic flows once you get it all together.