Routes you'd love to use in TRAINZ

I would like to see; CN South Bend Sub & the GTW Chicago Main Line. NS Chicago Main Line. CSX Zionsville Industrial Line.
Ann Arbor Railroad 1960's, Frankfort MI - Toledo OH
CN Flint Sub
CN Holly Sub
CSX Willard Sub
CSX Columbus Sub
CSX Grand Rapids Sub
MTA Harlem and Hudson lines
NJT North Jersey Coast and Main Lines
The CNJ Blue Comet
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I'm with Falcus and Ernest above. Also, Columbia River gorge with BNSF on the north bank and UP on the south bank. Also, INPR from Cascade Idaho to Boise, Nampa, Caldwell, ID and Ontario OR (better, all the way to Pendleton OR! and join the Columbia Gorge!), also Camas Prairie Sub Lewiston, ID to Grangeville, ID. Great terrain on all these routes!
I'd like to add one more to the ones I'd like to see. Montana Rail Link's routes over Mullan Pass and Bozeman Pass where SD40's, SD45's and SD70ACe's battle the grades up and over these passes, with helper sets made up to four locomotives. Seeing and hearing these diesels push and pull those long trains up and over those passes, on their hands and knees with their throttles all the way in notch 8, would be really neat and a serious challenge to anyone driving those trains, even us.
I agree with alexl102 and pdwood - both Leeds to Northallerton and the connection to Whitby would be perfect for Trainz.
Here's some routes I would like to see in Trainz a lot.

United States:
1. Pittsburgh - Philadelphia (via-Conway, PA and the NS Pittsburgh Sub, both modern CR/NS and PRR transition eras)
2. Cajon Pass + Mojave Sub (modern era)
3. Montana Rail Link (modern era)

1. Frankfurt - Cologne - Dortmund (modern era, both conventional and high speed lines)
2. Berlin - Munich high speed railway
3. Some 30s/40s WWII era route (Either based on a real location or a fictional location with historical accuracy and invisible tracks for fighter aircraft and zeppelins included)

United Kingdom:
1. ECML Kings Cross-Edinburgh (modern era, late 1980s-Present with newer InterCity 225 trainsets) - I'm not really a big fan of the TANE version which is 70s era.
2. High Speed One: Ashford-St. Pancras International

1. Florence-Rome high speed railway

1. Tokkaido Shinkansen - Tokyo-Osaka

1. Beijing–Shanghai high-speed railway
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Pittsburgh to Philadelphia, might be tad too large in GB's for any Trainz version, or any PC

Well there can be different versions of it and I wouldn't mind Pittsburgh-Altoona and if it uses non-SpeedTrees. I got that idea because of the PRR Eastern Region route for MSTS and MSTS was the first train sim to have mega routes which I liked watching YouTube videos of this route and the "Wupper Express" German mega route. I had MSTS, but I gaved it away to a friend several years ago and I did try Open Rails last year, but I'm still confused and frustrated since I only remember how to play Trainz.
Oh nothin is too big for Trainz. Too big in my opinion would be the entire USA, LOL. I know you can have a HUGE route but it is only 1GB or less with a lot of the big ones. I mean even the huge ones I have seen are only like 500-700MB or so. Philly to Pittsburgh I think would be do-able but it would be a lot of work.
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Harrisburg/Enola to Conway is presently 1.09GB and growing, bare bones gray baseboards, with no textures, flora, buildings, roads ... all the way to Phila it would be 2GB for sure