What routes should I create?


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I've long been looking for a secondary project to do alongside Cyberdonblue's and my main project.

I have a number of routes underway, in varying stages of completion, I'd like to narrow down what I'm working on. So I thought I'd see which one the Trainz Trainz community like the most before deciding which one to continue with.
I will be taking into account other aspects as well such as, amount of content creation required, how far advanced it already is, amount of available rolling stock and how interesting I personally find the line.

St Marys Hoo A semi-fictional branch line based on the Allhallows branch and Hundred of Hoo line, strongly inspired by Simon Glidewells layout and Charles Dickens Great Expectations http://www.westernthunder.co.uk/ind...hoo-p4-southern-region-third-rail.4198/page-4. I especially like for the Bleak North kent marshland landscape, if anyone's read Great Expectations, I'm sure you'll appreciate how atmospheric this setting is. This layout is at a reasonably advanced stage, another pro with this layout is it gives somewhere for my upcoming VEP to run, as well as plenty of freight shunting potential.

Cons are: It's yet another fictional branch line, so I'm worried it'll have limited appeal to the trainz community and a short running distance.

North Woolwich Branch Circa 1971 - 1979 The line runs through one of my favourite areas of London, and I've enjoyed the research for this one immensely, I'm sure it'll also be reasonably popular with the diesel fans, utlilising Greeni's Class 08, SRS's Class 37, Rumour3s Class 31 and 105 etc. Like the St Marys Hoo branch I like the *ahem* scenery for this one too. It also offers some interesting freight operations, particularly along the Silvertown tramway.There's also a number of expansion projects I've been thinking of doing for this, such as creating the London Docklands system in the 50s (a lot of the scenery and track work is already in place on the layout and a 90s early 2000s version complete with DLR.) This layout has made reasonable progress, with scenery from North Woolwich to Silvertown down.

Cons are: requires quite a lot of content creation, short running distance and the passenger operation is limited.

East London Line LU (Circa 1999 - 2006) considering the popularity of CLL I think LU inspired layouts are popular and any content I create for the CLL extension can also be used on this layout, such as my tunnel kits etc. It also gives somewhere additional for my A Stock to run. I've been long thinking of making this line, due to finding the research for it fascinating. It also has the potential for further expansion into a modern version of the East London Line.

Cons - No freight operation, requires a reasonable amount of content creation, hasn't been started yet.

Charing Cross to Orpington/Sevenoaks NSE/Connex era

I think it has some potential for interesting operation, with regular engineering traffic from Tonbridge Yard to Hither Green and lots of passenger operation, as well as giving a lengthier run for my VEP.
It also has the potential to extend CLL southwards. So far the DEMs sorted and the Charing Cross to London Bridge section has scenery down, but still lots to do.

Cons - lots of content required, long length meaning it'll take a long time to create, only just been started.

Alton - Woking Early SWT era

The line has a reasonable running distance, and it gives somewhere for my VEP to run. It would also fill a hole with the lack of SWT routes in trainz. The route itself has some interesting operational potential, with the Holywell Tanks and steam trains from the Mid Hants Railway. The route is reasonably progressed with the trackwork completed along the majority of the line and scenery completed in the Aldershot area, as evidenced by my model of Aldershot Station on the DLS. I also have plenty of personal association with the line, my father was a signaller on the line and in fact Aldershot Station is where my wife and I first met.

Cons - I reckon the trainz community will have limited interest in what is effectively a Hampshire suburban backwater, Reasonable amount of content creation required. I don't know if it's because I commute every day on the line but I feel the scenery isn't that interesting either.

Overall I'd appreciate peoples thought on this as I'm rather stuck where to go next, although please note these routes are secondary projects to Cyberdonblue's and my main project, which is why I have a preference for short routes I can dabble with. Any suggestions or changes to routes will also be appreciated. Lastly I've already asked this question on the British Trainz Forum, and the consensus seemed to be the North Woolwich branch was the most popular, but wondering what the good users on here think.
My advice is both short and simple - create what you want and don't bother worrying over what others will like or won't like.

The routes I create are for my own enjoyment - typically they take 12 months or more to build. If I upload them and others like them, well that is a bonus. If they don't like them I don't lose any sleep over it as I am usually already working on something else. But that said, if you upload a route then announce it in the Freeware forum and, regardless of the likes or dislikes, be prepared to answer user questions and provide support, including fixes if needed. One of my pet hates about some routes uploaded to the DLS is poor or non-existant documentation and no support from the creator.
Hi just reading your different proposals sounds great.

As I used to live in Chatham and going on the line up to London Bridge etc going up past Hoo Junction and the line going to Allhallows branch all the rail yards there sound like a good idea, but what ever route you decide to do would be a great addition to Trainz.

One of my pet hates about some routes uploaded to the DLS is poor or non-existant documentation and no support from the creator.

I am wondering what sort of documentation routes should have? Maybe I should make some for my East Cornwall & Branches route.
I am wondering what sort of documentation routes should have?

At the very least the posting in the Freeware forum should describe the main features (e,g, industries, types of traffic, era). If there are sessions then what they are called (to make it easier to find them), the aim(s) of each session (e.g. tasks to be performed). If there is no session and no rolling stock included then suggestions as to what would be prototypical.

In game documentation, which I acknowledge from personal experience can be much more difficult and time consuming to create, then navigation points would be ideal but I accept that not every creator is into navigation points. There should at least be an opening browser window showing the objectives of the session and one at the end to inform the "player" that they have finished.

My suggestions only.