Routes you'd love to use in TRAINZ


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Fantasy time. With TANE approaching thoughts are surely turning to what we'd all like to see in terms of content.
So what routes will you be building and which routes would you like to see?

Top of my wish list would be a London Metroland route taking in the Chilton and Metropolitan Lines from Marylebone/Aldgate to Aylesbury. I've always thought it was perfect for a train sim. Lots different running patterns, a history of unique and interesting rolling stock from LU steam, electric locos, some of the finest LU stock (T, R, A, TS38) some oddities (TS 83 & 86) and the potential for user-designed expansion (Circle Line, Jubilee Line, extending north into The Midlands).

Though in some ways I'm glad another well-known Rail-style Sim didn't attempt it. The Finchley Road - Neasden expansion pack featuring C and D stock Underground trains and 3 scenarios (£24.99) would have been a disappointment.
I would like to see the Western Pacific Keddie Wye, Feather River route, for that railroad. If I had to choose another route, it would be the San Francisco to San Jose Southern Pacific (now Caltrain) commute.
I will not be building any routes, as I struggled enough with what I already made, LOL.
I'd enjoy the Transpennine Route between York and Manchester, or Leeds - Ilkley.

There are some really good routes out at the moment for south/southwest England (Duchy Days, Truro - Falmouth, Ashburton etc) and obviously the ECML route but I'd love to see more along the lines of the Leeds - Sheffield that someone did a while back, set in the Yorkshire and the north east. That route is a great length and has a good variety of stations.

It's more of a personal interest but the old Leeds - Collingham - Harrogate - Ripon - Northalleron route would interest me too. The Hadrian's Wall (Carlisle - Newcastle) line maybe?
The Maine Eastern... This is the former Maine Central branch from Yarmouth Junction to Rockland Maine. The line runs through some very scenic countryside as it passes through woodlands and around hills along the Atlantic Ocean in various places. It even crosses multiple drawbridges including a unique highway/rail bridge in Bath, Maine where the famous ironworks are located.

I've actually included a portion of this route in my big all-inclusive New England route which I started about 11 years ago now. I'm currently laying the track and bridges, but had to do a bit of Trainz artistic licenses by putting in more than the 2 passing sidings in the 60 mile route and replacing some of the bridges with more regular stock items.

1. The Chattanooga and Chickamauga Railroad from it's connection with Norfolk Southern, CSX, and the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum East Chattanooga Belt Terminal subsidiary to Summerville, Georgia, complete with Kudzu vines all over the place. It'd also include the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum's trackage.

2. Both Norfolk Southern and CSX's routes between Chattanooga and Atlanta.

3. The Iowa Traction Railway, the last electrically-powered freight railroad in America.
A slightly different take on the OP, assuming when the retail release of TANE arrives I can get it performing satisfactorily (see posts in various other threads re CE 1.2 over the lat couple of days) I have a long list of routes I would like to build. Top 5 (in no particular order):

1. San Bartolme to La Oroya, aka ZigZag section of the Peruvian Central now I've discovered how to drop overall terrain height in Transdem.
2. Part of the British Columbia Railway.
3. One of the Yugoslavian narrow gauge lines (either Ohrid, Steinbeis or Dubrovnik).
4. A complex model railroad style layout.
5. A route from Scandinavia.
Indian Railways
CSX Florida Funnel
BNSF Stevens Pass
BNSF Seligman Sub
Fullerton Station Module
CSX Sandpatch Summer Edition
Union Pacific Clinton Subdivision
A Test Route Better Than The One I Currently Made
Erie Lackawanna
Southern Pacific Cascades Crossing

Most are MSTS routes that i desperately wanna see in trainz
More traction/interurbans/PRR electric routes/eastern routes/RDG. I would love an extension of the RBMN, but it would run pretty slow.
I'm curtly working on another CN route called Halifax Sub its a CN line that runs form Truro into Halifax NS in eastern Canada the main line it about 65miles long I'm also including a brachline known as DAR that runs form Kentville to Windsor Jct NS which is currently abandon. This route will be built in Tane and I plan on making in very detailed its going to be a 3 year project before complete.
The Yankton SD railroad with a few other parts of the area. I've been working on this route for some time now, and once it's complete, I'll be glad.
I'd Like to see:
-Steven's Pass in Washington, both 1920s/30s and 1950s/70s (Major route difference between the two). Particularly with a winter option available for the earlier one. I've seen pics of Wellington/Tye during some of the hairier winters, what hoot.
-Snoqualamie Pass anytime during MLW Electrification.
-Stampede Pass 1930s/40s and after the late 90's re-activation.

I'd also love to see more stuff Dedicated to the Northern Pacific. It was one of the biggest Transcon routes in the Nation, but theres been so little attention paid to it.

Id love to see the routes included in Trainz 2010 Engineers Edition like the CN Holly Subdivision and the Detroit Connecting Railroad, CSX Saginaw Subdivision etc.....